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This publication is the result of a five-year research project into coalmining in the mid Swansea Valley between Pontardawe and Ystalyfera, but is particularly a history of the South Wales Primrose Coal Company Ltd and of Tareni Colliery, and covers one hundred years of coalmining in Rhos, Alltwen, Cilybebill, Ynysmeudwy, Godre’r Graig, Cilmaengwyn and Ystalyfera. This is the story of the miners who worked at the pits and of their families who endured so much hardship and what we would now call poor living conditions. Yet, in all of that grew communities, pride, and togetherness. Tareni Colliery illustrates the lives of those families growing up and living in a landscape of coalmines, colliery waste tips, quarries, heavy industry and ill health, but also among affluence and the richness of the works owners and the landed gentry. Tareni Colliery is a time capsule of ordinary people’s lives and work. These are their stories.


Read more in Tareni Colliery, The Mine, The Miners and Their Communities: A History of a Mining Enterprise in the Swansea Valley. ISBN: 978-1-5272-0129-3.
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