Johnston designed 0-6-0 locomotive at Ynysygeinon (Martin Davies)

Railway Infrastructure at Tareni Colliery

The South Wales Primrose Coal Company Ltd and Tareni Colliery obtained coal wagons (mostly rented), and locomotives (purchased), from several manufacturers in the UK to transport its output of coal to purchasers in the UK. It went to the Mond Nickel Refinery at Clydach, to local industries in the Swansea Valley, to Swansea for export and for definite, the Kent hop fields. The combined coal waggon fleet for the South Wales Primrose Coal Company, Tareni Colliery, Cwm-nant-llwyd Colliery, Waun Coed Collieries, and the other smaller mines in the group was in excess of 600 wagons. That required considerable railway sidings at the pits, in addition to a small fleet of locomotives to move the wagons around the yards.  Tareni Colliery worked similar surface practices to those employed at most large collieries in the UK. There were empty wagon sidings, coal loading sidings (including a triple-track-parting-system for delivering empty wagons to the shutes for filing with a specific sizes of coals), distribution sidings. There were over a dozen sidings in all, and fleets of coal wagons and locomotives to shunt the wagons around the yards.

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