Haulage engine – the “White Elephant” at Tareni pit bottom (D Keri Thomas)

Mining equipment

Tareni Colliery was a pit that was modernised several times over its life span of about forty-five years. The Sale Catalogue of the mine in 1928, on the bankruptcy of the owning company, lists all the equipment installed at the mine, at both the Tareni and the Gleision pits, and whether it was use or not. It lists the manufacturers of that equipment, the date of manufacture, its power source, capacities and any information that might be useful to a prospective purchaser of mine equipment. This catalogue was invaluable in writing the history of those mines.

Among the equipment described were Lancashire boilers, compressors, air receivers, numerous haulage engines, mining lamps, both oil and electric, with their charging equipment, colliery trams, rolling stock, fitting shop machinery, blacksmith shop, carpenters shop, stables for the horses, conveyor belts and coal washeries and screens. Also included were the mining leases with dates of leasing land to mine coals and types of coal available for mining.

Above: The Particulars of the Tareni Colliery sale in 1928 (©Alan Hamer)



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